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Life has a beginning, a middle and an end. Our minds and memories see time pass in a narrative stream, moving from a beginning towards a close, and this pattern informs our concepts – and our preconceptions. But can we really confirm our lives as we perceive them and as we represent them to others? Are we creating our own ideas and beliefs or do we match ourselves to a wider series of preconceptions?

Using digital interactive video projection and live computing, DOCUMENT B examines these preconceptions through performance and workshops with performers in their Third and Fourth Ages. DOCUMENT B will evolve through performance, a web of events moving through their own time and space. Material developed in the workshop will be recorded on videotape and edited, making a sequence of events for each performer linked to the whole. Digitised matting techniques will produce an integrated performance, opening the enclosed area of the gallery to the space of the imagination.

The Mary Ward Over Sixties Drama Group challenges preconceptions of contemporary art as the exclusive preserve of the under-thirties. The group have used a broad range of theatrical skills in productions on the Edinburgh fringe and in collaboration with the National Youth Theatre. They have performed at the ICA and the Serpentine Gallery, and have worked with Howard Brenton and Kate Francis among others.

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Simon Biggs
Document B