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Small Mischiefs is a group show of artists with a propensity to misbehave and disrupt the established order of things, whether this is through playful, light-hearted questioning or more darkly intended subversions.

One floor of the gallery will be dedicated to hosting an anarchic programme of newly commissioned interactive and performance based works. Edwina Ashton will make videos and drawings, in which performers dressed as human-sized grubs and mice deal with the minutiae of life. In an environment filled with plant pots, awkward furniture and daintily graffitied wallpaper, they grapple with everyday expectations and inanimate objects. Bedwyr Williams is a man with problems. His piece ‘Table Tennis Table’ invites us to consider his hectic ping-ponging back and forth from London to Wales. Poor boy! Over the course of a week Bob and Roberta Smith will construct a vegetable and cardboard internet café. Added to by gallery visitors, this work, with its potato mice and hand written email messages, will quite literally grow. The exhibition closes on a far darker note, with an unnerving installation by Gail Pickering. A sinister figure, in a formless straw costume, is illuminated by a frenetically flashing 'De Sadisco' sign. Radiating a palpable sense of menace, this entity stands in a room with a small rabbit.

On the other gallery floors, works include Peter Jones’ portraits of stuffed monkeys. These are intense studies of character in which his subjects are complicit and seem to pose for him with a mischievous life of their own. Debbie Lawson’s table of collapsing creatures engage the viewer in a playful game of peek-a-boo, but what are they planning behind our backs? Artists Mai Yamashita & Naoto Kobayashi take a sweet tooth to extremes in the performance video ‘Candy’ where the pair reduce a football sized gobstopper to a small sweet through (enthusiastic) collaborative licking and Ben Woodcock has devised a special surprise for mobile phone users.

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Small Mischiefs

Künstler: Edwina Ashton, Andrew Bracey, Depressing Comics, Colin Guillemet, Peter Jones, Debbie Lawson, Aviva Leeman, Tim Machin, Christian Newton, June Bum Park, Bob & Roberta Smith, Bedwyr Williams, Ben Woodcock, Mai Yamashita & Naoto Kobayashi