press release

Foxy Productions presents Soft Cell, an exhibition that invites the viewer to transcend the physical with a series of rearrangements and recreations of the familiar. Spaces that frame and direct everyday experience become portals for taking flight - in, out, above or beyond - offering a temporary refuge where daily dramas, desires and fears can be contemplated.

Rob Fischer's photograph, Untitled (Mirrored House) 2000, portrays a phantom dwelling in desolation. Luis Macías' s lithographic series, A Fine Monday Morning (2000), converts domestic spaces into dysfunctional fantasies. Teresa Moro's ethereal painting, ParejaAburrida/Bored Couple (2000), erases human presence to reveal the sinister life of ordinary furniture. Donna Nield's photograph, snowtunnel (2001), at once allows and forbids a path to escapism. Ian Sullivan's photographic series, Come back to me (2001), presents intimate shelters in generic hotel rooms.

Soft Cell is curated by Brooklyn-based artist, Ester Partegàs.


only in german

Kurator: Ester Partegas

mit Rob Fischer, Luis Macias, Teresa Moro, Donna Nield, Ian Sullivan