press release

The collections of the French ‘Fracs' (Fonds Régionaux d’Art Contemporain‚ France) were set up in 1983. Institutions with a remit to collect, commission and present the art of our times, they have mapped out a territory for contemporary art in France as resolutely international as it is local. With more than 15,000 works made by more than 3,000 artists held in the 23 Fracs which between them cover the whole of France, the Fracs now provide a powerful reference point for the recent history of contemporary art.

Somewhere Everywhere Nowhere is an exhibition selected from the holdings of the five Fracs du Grand Est for simultaneous exhibition in Dundee and Edinburgh. Working with the Fracs offers an unrivalled opportunity for bringing outstanding, world-class art of recent years to Scotland. The exhibition highlights notions of place, space and context, from landscapes to interiors, with works ranging from the slick sophistication of Sarah Morris’s film shot in Manhattan, Midtown or the knowing irony of Andrea Fraser’s alternative guide to Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Bilbao, Little Frank and his Carp; to the poetic simplicity of Richard Long’s Cornish Slate Ring or the exuberant colour which invades the Gallery in Lily Van der Stoker’s Curlicue in Red.