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Suchan Kinoshita Pressetext:

It’s Here and There and Never Always reveals a preoccupation with boundaries – both social and psychological, and the elusive nature of what it means to be a spectator within an artificially staged set-up. The ambiguity registered in Kinoshita’s work reflects her position as a Japanese artist living in Europe, and as a visual artist whose training was in theatre and music.

Past works have ranged from a laboratory structure for the minute analysis of the contents of a vacuum cleaner, to performances and architectural installations that reflect the inquiring mind of an artist who is out to disrupt and disarm the viewer.

Suchan Kinoshita was born in Japan in 1960 and moved to Europe in 1980, to study experimental music and theatre. She then worked in performing arts before winning the Prix de Rome in 1992. She currently lives in Maastricht. Kinoshita has had solo shows throughout Europe, and recently she participated at the 1997 Johannesburg Biennale, and in Delta, an international group exhibition at the Musee d’Art Moderne (ARC), Paris.

Supported by Mondriaan Foundation, London Arts Board, The Daiwa Angl0Japanese Foundation, Visiting Arts, The Japan Foundation and ASIA-EUROPE A.S.E.M.2

Suchan Kinoshita
It’s Here and There and Never Always