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Tang Maohong was born in 1975, in Lingchuan, Guangxi province. He graduated from China National Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. The exhibition will include his recent silkscreen prints and the related video work.

Tang Maohong describes his work “Orchid Finger” as follows:

I hope that within my video pieces there are countless segments, like dust scattering into a frame of time, calculated by seconds, having the same pettiness as ourselves. They and all other kinds of images play the game of “Edge ball”, they seem to be related to almost everything: politics, childhood, networks, pornography, administration, history, BAGUA (the Eight diagrams), violence, the body, delusions, her, him, it, and perhaps art. You can watch it fast-forward, frame by frame, only watch one small section, watch from far away or close up, it does not matter because the important film segments or frames do not exist.” “Tang Maohong’s queer ideas and daydreams have finally incarnated into his most recent hand-drawing cartoon --“Orchid finger”. This huge project has been scaled down into only a few minutes, which himself called “personal little POP”. In a round frame of Chinese followers and birds painting, pompous mushrooms, elegant followers, up straight pagoda… recklessly grows between human body and daily life, groups of credulous images are springing up, plot development is in disorder, just like the topic of the work which is between realities and illusions, constructing a magically surrealism space between Chinese way of tradition and the future.


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