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The Animators exhibition features seven UK artists who make a variety of different kinds of artworks - what they have in common is that they all make animations.

Computer software packages now allow artists to work freely with digital imagery – and artists are making the most of the increased potential to make still images move. We tend to think of animations in terms of cartoons that have been drawn or of models moved frame-by-frame, but the term has recently expanded to include many kinds of alterations to real-time film footage.

Ann Course is an animator, sculptor and printmaker. Her animations are jagged and unruly, made from raw-looking drawings. Katy Dove is an animator who also makes prints, drawings and watercolours. Her animations evoke an untethered, day-dreaming state of mind. Simon Faithfull makes animations from drawings he creates on a Palm Pilot (a hand-held, digital device). He also stages live events and makes installations. Dryden Goodwin works with still photography, drawing, video and film. His looped 16mm film ‘Two Thousand and Three’ is comprised of two thousand and three frames, each of which is a still image of a different individual on an anti-war march in 2003. In painter Paul Morrison’s Acrospire, he has captured cinema footage of mountains, woods and open water and modified it. Vong Phaophanit is best known for his sculptures and public art works. Very recently, he has started to make animations with Claire Oboussier.

An Angel Row Gallery exhibition in association with SPACEX, Ferens Art Gallery, LUX and animate! Supported by Arts Council England Grants for National Touring. Part of Animated Exeter 2006. SPACEX is funded by Arts Council England, Exeter City Council and Devon County Council.


The Animators
Kurator: Angela Kingston

mit Ann Course, Katy Dove, Simon Faithfull, Dryden Goodwin
Paul Morrison, Vong Phaophanit & Claire Oboussier