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This exhibition focuses on a preoccupation with food as image and idea in contemporary culture. Going beyond the notion of still life, as redefined by Cezanne, after centuries of rich history of imagery and iconography that goes back to cave painting, Egyptian and Roman art, contemporary artists have again taken on the complex relationship of human society with that which is ingested and imbibed.

Taking into account the complexity of the globalization of what constitutes a meal, through the continuing controversy about additives, processed food and hormone treated livestock and produce, artists have attempted to interpret and translate these often controversial and life altering events in the treatment and distribution of food in world society.

Dealing with these complex issues with humor and irony, as well as integrating the subject of food as commerce and pleasure into the themes of contemporary art and culture, these artists are commenting on how we view our lives as well as our diets.

Preliminary list (in formation): Donald Baechler John Baldessari John Bowman Sharon Core Will Cotton Greg Drasler Janet Fish Gizmo Anthony Goicolea Felix Gonzales Torres Nancy Grimes Robert Kushner Mariana Lopez Cady Noland Ted Mineo Mimi Oka Claes Oldenburg Richard Pasquarelli Robert Penetta Enoc Perez Ana Prvacki Cindy Sherman Sandy Skoglund Adam Stennett Donald Sultan Scott Teplin Rirkrit Tiravanija Andy Warhol


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The Hungry Eye
Kuratoren: Robert G. Edelman, Gina Fiore

mit Jan Albers, Donald Baechler, Jay Batlle, Betty Bee, John Bowman, George Condo, Sharon Core, Renée Cox, Will Cotton, Peter Dayton, Emily Eveleth, Janet Fish , GisMo  (Jessica Gispert and Crystal Molinary), Anthony Goicolea, Ilona Granet, Nancy Grimes, Marcia Grostein, Philip Guston, Julia Jacquette, Nina Katchadourian, Gary Komarin, Roy Lichtenstein, Claire Lieberman, Ed Lipski, Mariana Lopez, Ted Mineo, Priscilla Monge, Vik Muniz, Mimi Oka & Doug Fitch, Nicholas Papadakis, Richard Pasquarelli, Robert Pettena, Ana Prvacki, Matthew Ronay, Jonathan Seliger, Pierre Sernet, Laurie Simmons, Sandy Skoglund, Mike Solomon, Adam Stennett, Billy Sullivan, Donald Sultan, Scott Teplin, Wayne Thiebaud, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Andre von Morisse, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, Franz West ...