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This exhibition links a group of artists who collaborated together on a publication in Cyprus called UNDO in 2007. An idea of an exhibition was muted by unrealised, perhaps an imaginary exhibition that has now been materialised in another distinct context.

A discussion which links the artists together is related to the fate of Late Modernity, the idea that we are living through a phase which might be termed ‘Apparitional Modernity’ in which the index of Modernity disappears, leaving only spectral traces. By calling the show ‘The Mystics,’ another relationship to time is posited: a time passing outside of itself, to become something other than what it might have been.

The actual show itself consists of fragments from ‘The Infinite Book’ series (an ongoing collaboration between Haris Epaminonda and Daniel Gustav Cramer), a fragmentary installation of Ian Kiaer and a series of fictions by Jonathan Miles. Intellectually each of the makers might be linked to an idea of Jean-Luc Nancy (The Muses) that art now is “both an evanescent trace and almost ungraspable fragment” being “nothing more than its passage.” In some ways it is a tone that is drawn from this sense that regulates the potentiality of a unity between these disparate artists.

If time appears as disarticulated, it because it is touched by something we cannot quite name. This is why it is appropriate to talk about gestural reflexes in relationship to this condition. Gestures can be said to point toward other things, a horizon, the unspeakable, and the ungraspable and as such hover before and after the process of representation. This relationship to gesture in this artist’s work is not born out of evasion but simply a desire to make work that stands in relationship to objects in the space of in-between that circulate outside of immediate perception. Thus we are given over to a presentation, or display of sense, of being suspended, being out of place, a feeling of fading, drifting, breaching time and undoing.

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The Mystics
The Infinite Library
Kuratoren: Mustafa Hulusi, Ximena Garrido-Lecca

Künstler: Haris Epaminonda, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Ian Kiaer, Jonathan Miles