press release

For six weeks, the V&A is transforming its garden with a summer show of ten garden shed installations by contemporary artists and designers. The Other Flower Show will feature works inspired by gardens and flowers. Taking place in the Year of Gardening 2004, The Other Flower Show provides a creative alternative to the Chelsea Flower Show taking art into the garden and flowers out of the greenhouse. The installations include sound, lighting, interactive designs and visual art. The ten installations include: *TRACEY EMIN will use embroidery and film projections to create a personal installation.

* TORD BOONTJE will decorate his shed with a light and sound sculpture.

* HEATHER BARNETT will create a 'living' room with germinating wallpaper and a turf floor which will be watered from the glass roof.

* MARTYN WARE AND VINCE CLARKE (Illustrious Co Ltd) will create a blacked-out shed filled with 'sound experiences'.

* F.A.T. will create an interior inspired by the Englishness of garden sheds and typical summer weather.

* CRAIG WOOD AND CHRIS TAYLOR will invite visitors to add to black and white floral print wallpaper using crayons.

* GRAHAM FAGEN will use his shed to create a pirate radio station.

* NILU IZADI will transform her shed into a camera obscura which will reflect the sky and elements of the V&A garden into the shed.

* ANDREAS OEHLERT will turn his shed into a Museum of Flowers, lining the walls with wallpaper created from digitally manipulated images of flowers. Ends Pressetext

The Other Flower Show - The V&A Garden
Arbeiten von Tracey Emin, Tord Boontje, Heather Barnett, Martin Ware and Vince Clarke ( Illustrious Co Ltd ), F.A.T. , Craig Wood and Chris Taylor, Graham Fagen, Nilu Izadi, Andreas Oehlert
Kuratorin: Emma Underhill