press release

Adrian Rosenfeld and Andreas Grimm are pleased to present new work by 12 artists in The Parable Show, a group exhibition at their Munich-based gallery.

Emmanuelle Antille (b. 1972 in Lausanne), who represented Switzerland in the 2003 Venice Biennale, presents a single-channel video from the large installation "Angels Camp,” a meditation on the desires and fears, hidden fantasies and longings of the inhabitants of rural America.

Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin (b. 1963 and 1961 respectively, in Amsterdam) present us with an elegiac portrait of a young man whose head is beginning to dissolve into an abstraction of clouds or smoke.

Using video, photography, installation and sound Mat Collishaw's (b. 1966 in Nottingham) work explores voyeurism, illusion, sensation, disgust and decadence under a seductive sheen. Darkly presented here are flowers and butterflies.

Caro Suerkemper’s (b. 1964 in Stuttgart) work, a somewhat conventional watercolor portrait of a German woman in native garb flanked by two scenes taken from the realm hidden from everyday life, shocks by raising questions about the social handling of perversions and the forms of their displacement.

Borrowing from the iconography of both Greek mythology and popular culture Jeff Davis’ (b. 1967 in Hanford, California) delicate drawings and paintings are populated with pensive figures at war with fate, each other, monsters and disembodied eyeballs and present the indelicate with the lightest possible touch.

Dennis Scholl (b. 1980 in Hünfeld) presents painstakingly rendered graphite on paper drawings of desperate figures in the midst of metamorphoses and strange landscapes.

Matt Saunders’ (b. 1975 in Tacoma, Washington) two-piece work “Chandeliers,“ depicts two light fixtures made of antlers. Saunders uses these trophies to expand ideas of mysterious interiors and history, focusing on the shifting meanings of materials, people and things removed from their original context.

In the stark, large-format charcoal drawings of Matias Becker (b. 1974 in Munich) specific details, figures and metaphors are isolated and arranged in sometimes arcane, provocative compositions creating a crazy-quilt of associations, connections and mystery.

The work of Hans Schulte (b. 1967 in Essen), who was recently awarded the Bergi art prize, is opaque both in method and figuration. Schulte’s evocation of the iconic image of the cowboy, drawn from Westerns and comic books, is frozen in the “dead colors“ of the plastic paint used to depict him.

The work of artist Dasha Shishkin (b. 1977 in Moscow) is currently on view at the Hamburg Kunsthalle and P.S.1 in New York. The large untitled work to be presented at Grimm|Rosenfeld is a meditation on age and violence. Comprised of two layers of vellum, it is a very complex layering of imagenings and concrete physicality.

David Renggli (b. 1974 in Zürich), taps into the uncanny by his disconcerting juxtapositions of everyday objects violently inserted into a nature morte. The result, reminiscent of a controlled Surrealist jumble-sale, is both disturbing and to the point.

Jansson Stegner (b. 1972 in Denver) mines the field of hidden anger and sublimated sexuality in his paintings and drawings for the show. In Eight toes makes a play, two men, one naked and one clothed, physically perform the kind of conflict that occurs between people, albeit on a much less explicit level, everyday.



mit Emmanuelle Antille, Inez van Lamsweerde, Vinoodh Matadin, Mat Collishaw, Caro Suerkemper, Jeff Davis, Dennis Scholl, Matt Saunders, Matias Becker, Hans Schulte, Dasha Shishkin, David Renggli, Jansson Stegner