press release

The Triumph of Painting will define how painting has not only survived into the new century in the face of the barrage of imagery from other media, but it will demonstrate how painting has absorbed that imagery, reshaped it in its own central domain, and touched us profoundly.

On 26th January 2005 The Saatchi Gallery will present its Twentieth anniversary exhibition, ‘The Triumph of Painting’, a survey of some of the most influential painters on the international stage.

The first months of the show (25 January-28 May 2005) will highlight Martin Kippenberger, Peter Doig, Marlene Dumas, Luc Tuymans, Jorg Immendorff and Hermann Nitsch. All of these artists are seen as standard-bearers in contemporary art circles and will be made accessible to a greater public through this show. The paintings will be displayed in re-designed galleries, planned for large scale paintings.

The Gallery believes that throughout a period when photography, video and installation art has been at the forefront of museum attention, painting continues to be the most relevant and vital way that artists’ choose to communicate.

During 2005 the exhibition will be changed to feature the next generation of painters, to be followed by a look at the most interesting of the new young painters, continuing the tradition of the Saatchi Gallery being the place to see new talent.

The next three months will be a last chance for some time for the public to see the icons of Britart that have been the centrepiece of the gallery – Hirst’s Shark, Emin’s Bed, Mueck’s Dead Dad etc. These works will return 2007, and talks are underway for key works to travel on a museum tour until then.


The Triumph of Painting - Part 1
Twentieth anniversary exhibition

mit Peter Doig, Marlene Dumas, Jörg Immendorff, Martin Kippenberger, Hermann Nitsch, Luc Tuymans