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Despite his young age, the artist Tim Eitel (born 1971 in Leonberg, Germany) has a significant international career behind him. He graduated in 2001 from the famous Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig which – as the legendary Düsseldorf school earlier – fostered a whole generation of painters, known today as the Leipziger school. Tim Eitel has established himself as one of the more gifted painters, creating images which, being based in figuration, may seduce the observer with their immediate accessibility, but are characterized by an atmosphere, an absence, that adds new dimensions to contemporary painting. Over the years, Kunsthallen Brandts has presented new tendencies in painting. With this exhibition, Kunsthallen Brandts, as the first institution in Denmark, takes the opportunity to call attention to this important artist who has had a decisive influence on such Danish artists as Ivan Andersen, Anders W. Ø. Larsen and Allan Otte.

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Tim Eitel