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TO LOOK OR TO SEE sheds light on the history of photography over the last 100 years. The themes of The Moment, Control, Memory, The Face and Presence offer five different perspectives for contemplating and interpreting the works on display. The exhibits also demonstrate the various uses of photography, the history of photographic equipment, and technical/visual experiments, such as the camera obscura, the hologram and solarigraphy.

The curators are specialist researcher Jukka Kukkonen and artist Hannele Rantala. TO LOOK OR TO SEE is an extensive, year-long exhibition that fills the museum©ˆs large exhibition space. It mainly consists of items from the museum©ˆs own collections, complemented by borrowed pieces. There are approximately 500 pictures by 300 photographers on display. Some pictures will be replaced during the year.

In the five theme areas, chronology has been abandoned, while the photography of the 20th century is investigated in the extensive Century of the Look section. Here, both familiar and unfamiliar photographs are placed on a long timeline.

Photographic rarities have been collected in the glass display cases, along with cameras and equipment used by the photographers in the exhibition. They tell the story of the growth of photography into a hobby and a profession, and trace the development of photographic techniques.

Themes and Photographers The Moment deals with the way emergence of the photograph out of light, form and movement. Photographers of the Moment: Marja Pirilä, W. H. F. Talbot, Maria Hirn Control considers pictures as a means of manipulation. Photographers of Control: Markus Leppo, Eadweard Muybridge, Sanna Kannisto Memory prompts us to think about how our own experience affects our interpretation of images. Photographers of Memory: Ulla Jokisalo, Edward Weston, Hyäryllistä The Face demonstrates different ways of portraying people or identity. Photographers of the Face: Yusuf Karsh, KuvaSiskot, Marjaana Kella Presence looks at the artist and the treatment of the content of the image. Photographers of Presence: Anne Koskinen, Nan Goldin, Wladimir Schohin


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Kuratoren: Jukka Kukkonen, Hannele Rantala

mit Aino Kannisto, Nan Goldin, Pertti Kekarainen, Hannele Rantala, Marja Pirilä, William Henry Fox Talbot, Maria Hirn, Markus Leppo, Eadweard Muybridge, Sanna Kannisto, Ulla Jokisalo, Timo Kelaranta, Edward Weston, Yousuf Karsh, Marjaana Kella, Anne Koskinen, Wladimir Schohin, Kazuhiko Kakegawa