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UNION is pleased to announce the second solo London exhibition of the Leipzig based artist Tobias Lehner.

The majority of this exhibition sees Lehner continuing his use of vivid colour schemes to dynamic effect in his abstract paintings. There is a distinct sense of the musical about his work, the brush strokes articulating a pulsating rhythm emerging from the diffusion between organic and synthetic forms. The compositions invoke ruptured landscapes overlaid with and displaced by geometric patterns. They are suffused with a vital energy that seems to stretch the limits of the canvas.

A sense of tension between internal and external space is underpinned by a tangible yet fragile harmony bringing an elusive order to the work. We may glimpse a spectral desert or a swirling cosmos beyond rigid fractals unfolding across the canvas. Blurred forms call to mind cloud formations and aerial photography, their fluidity counter balanced by repetitive and automated geometry. There is an uncanny, otherworldly quality to these paintings, yet the viewer is aware of an inherent melodic mood. A transcendent atmosphere is evoked through the use of diverse stylistic techniques ranging from comic book playfulness to graphical clarity. Lehner’s use of uncompromising and effusive colour is put to exhilarating effect.

In addition, as part of this new union show we see his most recent development, an inversion of bold colour schemes with experiments in purely black, grey and white abstraction.

Recent exhibitions include Made in Leipzig, The Essl Collection of Contemporary Art, Vienna; Paintings, Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig; Paintings, Union Projects, London; Laden für Nichts, Leipzig; forbilder, Jena, Meisterklasse Gille; Malerei, Produzentengalerie, Hamburg; Ohne Zögern, Die Sammlung Olbricht Teil 2, Neues Museum Weserburg, Bremen.

Tobias Lehner was born in 1974 and lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.


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