press release

Transhift is a time-based new media art festival, featuring artists from around the world. This two-day festival will happen on May 2-3, 2008 and will occur at several venues in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. Below is a list of these venues. A schedule of art and performances will be added to the site soon.


A1LabArts 201 Randolph St.

Fluorescent Gallery 627 North Central Ave.

Pilot Light 106 E. Jackson Ave.

Yee-Haw Industries 413 South Gay St.

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Transhift 08 - New Media Art Festival

Künstler: Thomas Bates, Jen-Kuang Chang, Ira Eduardovna, Thorsten Fleisch, Michael Fortune, Henry Gwiazda, Bjorn Erik Haugen, Lizzie Hughes, Aileen Lambert, Günter Puller, Margarita Tsvaygenbaum, Andreas Zingerle ...