press release

During the last ten years we have beheld the emergence of a new generation of artists, in Flanders, in Wallonia and in Brussels. The exhibition focuses on 20 Belgian emerging artists. This first subjective and hypothetical perspective is curated by Wiels (Devrim Bayar, Charles Gohy and Dirk Snauwaert). The survey allows to reveal the lines of force, common traits and the individual journey of each artist of this generation. Thereby the public will discover the preoccupations and the talents of the artist. In doing so, this exhibition will not deceive all of those looking out for the artists of tomorrow.

The survey will be accompanied by screenings, performances and 4 debates organised by the magazines A-Prior, Code, Janus and Sic.

only in german


Künstler: The Agency  (Kobe Matthys), Stephan Balleux, Aline Bouvy & John Gillis, Vaast Colson, Francois Curlet, Michael Dans, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Lucile Desamory, Vincent Geyskens, Tina Gillen, Geert Goiris, Valerie Mannaerts, Xavier Mary, Benoit Plateus, Frederic Plateus, Jimmy Robert, Gert Robijns, Ivo Provoost & Simona Denicolai, Harald Thys / Jos de Gruyter, Heidi Voet