press release

Uršula Berlot concerns herself with elementary organic processes in the natural world, metamorphous conditions of light and matter, and their analogy to mental processes of perception. Her kinetic light installations investigate relations between the material and the immaterial, feeling and understanding, the transient and the permanent. Falling through striated Perspex glass, reflected light creates monochrome, shadow-like images projected onto a white screen, the floor or the wall, thus generating an impression of three-dimensionality and the material. The artist achieves this effect by employing the interplay of transparent surfaces, reflections, shadow and light, so permitting the viewer to discern abstract outlines, landscapes or organic, microcosmic structures. The light-space-installation “pulsation / Cross-sections” consists of a group of works; their individual forms and content are transposed onto each other, reproduced or reflected by various media, coming together to form a bizarre, artificial, yet seemingly organic mental landscape. The outcome is an ephemeral space that oscillates between the dimensions, challenging the viewer to extend his perceptual experience.

In the context of the International Studio Program, Uršula Berlot holds a fellowship from the Schering Foundation Berlin.

Ursula Berlot
pulsation / Cross-sections