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Wednesday, February 28, 2024 — Sunday, April 07, 2024

VALIE EXPORT’s work has redefined the fields of conceptual art, performance, and expanded cinema. Since the 1960s, her early projects have blurred the boundaries between photography and documentation, performance and action, often by utilizing the female body as prop and provocation to classical regimes of architecture. The ‘photo-graphic’ series, Body Configurations (1972-1976) captures direct interventions through bodily insertions into public space. VALIE EXPORT: Embodied presents select works from this seminal series, reflecting her early investigations into the politics of space, image-making, and the body as both an ideological and technological device. Accompanying the photographic series in the exhibition are two video works by VALIE EXPORT, Adjunct Dislocations (1973) and Syntagma(1984), which present the artist’s filmic inquiries into the real and the representational.

Working across the mediums of performance, film, photography, video, sculpture and installations, EXPORT’s work engages with the construction and representation of the female body, confronting ideas of sexuality, intimacy, and transgression in both private and public arenas. Her first solo presentation in Los Angeles since 2001, the exhibition centers on EXPORT's early artistic explorations, expanding on the production of meaning and materiality in film, photography, and performance, while challenging the social function of women and the ideologies of space and the built environment.

The exhibition positions these influential works in dialogue with a contemporary performance program featuring Los Angeles-based artists responding to VALIE EXPORT’s work and the Schindler House.

About the Artist
A pioneer in film, video and installation art, VALIE EXPORT has produced one of the most significant bodies of feminist art in the post-war period. Her groundbreaking films and performances in the 1960s and 1970s introduced a new form of radical, embodied feminism to Europe, examining the politics of the body in relation to its environment, culture and society.

VALIE EXPORT: Embodied is organized by MAK Center Director Jia Yi Gu with Seymour Polatin, Exhibitions and Programs Manager, Brian Taylor, Curatorial Assistant, and Maeve Atkinson, Education and Engagement Coordinator.