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“Variation Xanadu” is interested in inviting and presenting how contemporary artists explore spaces. By entitling the exhibition “Variation Xanadu,” the curator intends to see how artists present and represent in terms of variation of spaces. Variation is about difference and change. Variation is also a kind of music form, which varies on an established theme or melody; therefore, variation has its own aesthetics, too. In general, “Variation Xanadu” is about the poetics of spaces and of other spaces.


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Variation Xanadu

mit Chen Chieh-Jen, Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, Hiraki Sawa, Runa Islam, Tse Su-Mei, Wang Jianwei,Hou Tsung-Hui, Huang Mingchuan, Kao Chung-Li, Lin Ju, Werner Herzog, Wu Tieng-Chang