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Exhibition prepared by Galerie Le Plateau in Paris in co-operation with The City of Paris, AFFA, and the French Institute in Warsaw The exhibition Voir en peinture presents the newest in painting by contemporary French and Belgian artists. By juxtaposing painting of the last ten years against older works, it demonstrates clearly that line, color and light are the three basic distinguishing features of this artistic domain. The exhibition at the CCA will attempt to define the special status that painting enjoys when compared to other media, demonstrating the various existing "sub-realms of painting", including "painting as sign" in the public space (Isabelle Arthuis), depth of light (Ann Veronica Janssens), transparency of base (Cécile Bart), objects and their presentation, materiality and non-materiality. It will also include works that reference history and question the concept of tradition in artistic utterance (Martin Barré, Tal Coat, Philip Guston, Eugene Leroy, Aurélie Nemours). Apart from the modes of formal classification that are in evidence, it is concepts like variation, passage and dialogue between individual works that seem to define the boundaries of Voir en peinture. Pressetext

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international exhibition of paintings
Kurator: Eric Corne

Arbeiten von Adam Adach, Isabelle Arthuis, Cecile Bart, Marc Desgrandchamps, Ann Veronica Janssens, Alix le Meleder, Guillaume Millet, Miquel Mont, Xavier Noiret-Thomé, Ida Tursic / Wilfried Mille, Walter Swennen & Martin Barré, Pierre Tal Coat Philip Guston, Eugène Leroy, Aurélie Nemours