press release

What happens next is a secret is an experimental exhibition which addresses the question of what happens when artworks are shown in different contexts? The exhibition takes as its starting point the installation work Line Writing by the Laotian artist Vong Phaophanit, commissioned by IMMA for its From Beyond the Pale series of exhibitions in 1994. This striking neon work is installed under the floorboards, literally enmeshed in the fabric of the building, suggesting a secret or hidden history and reflecting the artist’s decision not to offer a translation of the Laotian words spelled out in the work.

Other works from the IMMA Collection employing secrecy or invisibility will also be shown. In addition, a number of artists on the Artists’ Residency Programme are being invited to engage with the exhibition in a variety of ways, such as exploring methods of presentation or, perhaps, intervening in the exhibition by creating temporary works of their own. This last element will only be revealed as the exhibition unfolds over time.

To coincide with the exhibition, IMMA has commissioned a new sound piece by economicthoughprojects, an independent record label set up by Irish-based artist Russell Hart to investigate collaborative and multi-disciplinary practice. Hart will be working with artist Karl Burke to produce a work in response to the exhibition. A limited edition vinyl recording will be available.

What happens next is a secret

Künstler: Russell Hart / Karl Burke, Vong Phaophanit ...