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There is a strong emphasis on the Gothic this autumn, with Lucas Cranach and, more unexpectedly, Wim Delvoye. In the wake of Cloaca, his famous faeces-producing machine, and his embellished everyday objects and tattooed pigs, the Belgian artist presents monumental cathedrals in metal, along with crooked Christs, obscene stained-glass windows, and steel towers. The intrusion of the religious into his world comes across as the return of the repressed, metamorphosed by a craftsman’s skill. His audacity disrupts the space-time continuum, questioning genres, cultures, and practices, blending the intellectual and the popular, and confronting the artistic heritage with the latest technology. His laser-outlined Gothic tower on the Centre’s roof will echo its counterpart on the Brussels Town Hall.

Curator : Claude Lorent

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Wim Delvoye
Knockin´ on heaven´s door
Kurator : Claude Lorent