press release

Armando Andrade Tudela (born 1975 in Lima, Peru, lives and works in Berlin and Lyon) presents in his exhibition for the Künstlerhaus Bremen new films and photographs. Traces of materials and gestures form the project’s core, which embeds the depicted objects and people in a constant motion and circulation. Tudela draws on already existing sculptures, films and installations, reconfiguring them for the context of the Künstlerhaus. The films and pictures produced for Bremen open up a simultaneously documentary and self-reflexive perceptual space around his artistic practice.

Tudela studied in Lima and London and exhibited his work in numerous international institutions. NOMADISMUS BEGINNT ZU HAUSE [NOMADISM BEGINS AT HOME] emphasizes the migratory nature of artistic work, making tangible, as it were, how works of art develop anew in terms of content when they are placed on occasion in different contexts. Tudela not only reflects on these processes but also integrates them directly into his production process, pursuing the questioning of the conditions under which art can be experienced through a critical examination of his own working method.

Opening: Fri 26. September 2014, 7 p.m.