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Cécile B. Evans. Sprung a Leak
Opening: June 10, 7:30pm
June 10–November 19, 2017

In her installations, videos, online platforms and performances, Cécile B. Evans (1983, Belgium-United States) explores technology’s impact on our behaviour. How do contemporary technologies influence the way people feel and act? Sprung a Leak at M - Museum Leuven focuses on cracks in the relationship between human and machine – which expose vulnerabilities between public and private as feelings are moved through time and space.

Sprung a Leak is an automated play in three parts, in which two humanoid robots and a robot dog perform the leading roles. The conversations between the robots moving through the gallery and the animated and human performers on screens, are reactions to how information is circulated and navigated through machines. In this way, Sprung a Leak lays bare human emotions, but also the sensitivities of a digital world that is constantly changing. The exhibition is a coproduction with Tate Liverpool and is curated by Valerie Verhack.