press release

The work of Antonin Artaud is key to understanding the neo-avant-garde movements of the Postwar period. This show aims to fill the existing void in the study of the author's life, putting his creations into their proper historic and artistic context.

Artaud is the father of what has come to be known as 'theater of cruelty' and one of the foremost figures in theater of the absurd. 'Specters of Artaud' offers a broad view of the international impact made by his work and how it influenced other artists of the period.

The works of this poet, novelist, playwright, actor and theorist give us new insight into the historic avant-garde of the postwar years, and reflect Artaud's desire to transcend the constraints of language, both written and spoken.

Specters of Antonin Artaud
Language and the Arts in the 1950s
Kurator: Kaira M. Kabanas, Frederic Acquaviva