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Continuing the themes of translation and collaboration evident in his previous artwork, Tobias Rehberger is interested in exploring the unique art that is film – what many would argue to be the most collaborative of art forms.

Originally inspired by an installation of a movie theater designed for only one person that he created in Stockholm in 1998 on the occasion of the solo exhibition “MMP: Tobias Rehberger”, Rehberger became intrigued with the idea of how an audience responds to film. Watching an art form produced for a mass audience alone changes the psychological and aesthetic experience for the viewer - not only in how the viewer sees the film, but also how ultimately the film constructs the viewer. Starting from this “end point”, then, Rehberger became interested in the idea of investigating the dynamics of filmmaking by reconstructing the filmmaking process itself – by unraveling this tapestry-like art form into its discrete elements while simultaneously changing the conventional sequence of those elements.

Thus, instead of starting with a script or a director’s vision, the work of this project begins with the artist who is traditionally the last principle artist to contribute to a film, the Title Artist. He or she will be allowed the freedom to explore what to produce and how to work as the first contributor in the filmmaking process. This inversion of the notion of sequence and collaboration should enable each artist to push the intrinsic boundaries of his or her craft, challenging the very concepts of transition and translation.

Of course there is a nominal starting point for the project in that Rehberger has produced a movie poster for a film that didn’t exist. With that he has provided the artists with an image to set the project’s overall tone. For example, as the first artist in the series, the title artist could approach Rehberger’s image as an inspirational springboard. And rather than producing a title sequence based upon the images, sounds, and concept of a finished film, he started setting the structure and conceptual direction to the entire production.

Next, Rehberger’s images and the title artist’s work has been sent to the sound editor and so on according to the following list:

Titles Designer Sound Editor Music Composer Editor Director of Photography Actors Costume Designer Set Designer Story Board Artist Screen Writer

Each artist was free to incorporate the previous artists’ work or to refer to it in his or her own way. The only restraint imposed upon each artist has been to work within his or her own field of expertise and within a pre-determined budget. The artists have been asked to complete their work within four weeks of receiving the previous steps in order to maintain a certain momentum throughout the context of the work as a whole. The vision of the director that normally drives the focus of a film come at the end of the sequence when Rehberger created an installation based upon all of the individual pieces of work. In the end, the architecture of it could be seen as the peculiar cinema for the “movie” production “On Otto”.

In The Art of Film (1932) Rudolf Arnheim explains that for film to be considered art, it must demonstrate not only perfection of each element but the perfection of those elements in relation to one another. This project asks what will happens to film as an art form if we change the ways in which its various components converge by expanding the daily confines of each profession.

List of contributing artists Titles Designer: CONTACT _ Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas Sound Editor: Randy Thom
Music Composer: Ennio Morricone Editor: Sylvie Landra
Director of Photography: Wolfgang Thaler
Actors: Kim Basinger Willem Dafoe Justin Henry Emmy Rossum Danny DeVito Costume Designer: Mark Bridges
Set Designer: Jeffrey Beecroft
Story Board Artist: J. Todd Anderson
Screen Writer: Barbara Turner

Tobias Rehberger On Otto 20 April - 6 June 2007 Fondazione Prada Via Fogazzaro 36, Milan Opening Times: Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 8pm, closed Mondays Admission is free

Tobias Rehberger
On Otto

mit J. Todd Anderson, Kim Basinger, Jeffrey Beecroft, Mark Bridges, Willem Dafoe, Florence Deygas, Danny DeVito, Lisa Feinstein, Justin Henry, Oliver Kuntzel, Sylvie Landra, Ennio Morricone, Emmy Rossum, Wolfgang Thaler, Randy Thom, Barbara Turner ...