press release

Vito Acconci began his artistic career as a poet in the mid sixties under the name Vito Hannibal Acconci. In his creations he treated the blank paper as a space where he could act, using words as elements for movement and the page as a container. Later his poetic actions moved from paper to the gallery, and evolved into performances in which he reflected on his own physical and psychological being.

In both the performances and the installations of the seventies, his figure was always present, physically or through films or recordings of his voice, whose sound provided the visitor with a heightened sensual experience. Acconci was proposing a new definition of the material object and a space for common experiences between spectator and artist by erasing the traditional boundaries between an artist and his public, an object and an event in time, a work of art and its existence in a spatial and/or social context.

In the early eighties, his interest in space led him to create the Acconci Studio, a work cell that brought together architects and artists, whose investigations evolved on an architectural scale and proposed interventions of an environmental and architectural nature. The power of the ideas of Acconci Studio, in which the artist maintained his commitment to language, the body and its relation with space, consisted of drastically rethinking the definitions of public space.

On the occasion of this exhibition, MACBA has prepared a database which will contain over thirteen hours of sound work which Acconci did during the seventies, including a large amount of unreleased material.

Production: Museu d´Art Contemporani, Barcelona


Vito Acconci
Poetry, performance, photography, film and video, a selection of installations, models and architectural projects of Vito Acconci (New York, 1940) from the mid sixties to the early eighties.