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This exhibition will explore the relationship between the work of William Klein (b1928), one of the 20th century’s most important and influential photographers and film-makers, and that of Daido Moriyama (b1938), the most celebrated photographer to emerge from the Provoke movement in 1960s Japan. Taking as its central themes the cities of New York and Tokyo, it will trace the influence of Klein’s landmark 1956 photo-book, Life is Good and Good in New York, Trance Witness Revels, on Japanese photography, using Moriyama as a focus. It will bring together for the first time, vintage photographs from Klein’s New York work, as well as those taken in Tokyo and Paris, with work made by Moriyama in the same cities, including landmark projects from the 1970s such as Moriyama’s Another Country in New York, and Farewell Photography. In addition to exploring the central role of the photo-book in the history of avant-garde art, this exhibition will examine the use of film and photography in the representation of urban experience and political protest.

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William Klein / Daido Moriyama