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PRESENT FUTURE Artissima is pleased to announce the names of the ten young artists (under 40), whose projects were selected by the international Board of curators among all those presented by their reference art galleries expressly for the Present Future section.

The Board particularly appreciated all the projects (around 40) and the high quality level both of the applying galleries and artists. However the curators decided this year to even more emphasize the innovating and experimental character of this section, focusing their choices only on the 10 proposals that by means of their original and strong contents are better reaching this target.

The artists’s projects will be exhibited by the galleries in special ”solo” booths.

The members of the Board responsible for the selection are: Patrick Charpenel - Critic and independent curator, Guadalajara (Mex) Emma Dexter - Curator Tate Modern, London (UK) Heike Munder - Director Migros Museum, Zürich (CH) Rochelle Steiner - Chief Curator Serpentine Gallery, London (UK)

During the Fair the jury of international collectors invited by Artissima will choose among the ten artists the more significant one who will receive by illycaffè, partner of this initiative, a prize of $ 10.000 and will be given the opportunity to create a project for the illycollection artists’ cups.

CONSTELLATIONS The Artissima Scientific Committee members - Rosa Martinez, Barcelona, co-director Venice Biennale 2005, Commitee's co-ordinator; Ida Gianelli, director Castello di Rivoli, Museum of Contemporary Art; Pier Giovanni Castagnoli, director GAM/Town Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Turin - selected 15 artworks for Constellations.

Constellations is the new section that Artissima 11 dedicates to large size artworks, with museological ambition, proposed by the exhibiting galleries.

The selected artworks include installations, sculptures, photographs, video-projections, created both by worldwide renowned artists and young emerging ones. The artworks will be on display in expressly devoted areas scattered within the Fair.

Today we are aware that the world does not have a unique centre but many temporary ones, which fluctuate depending on the intensity of their aesthetic, linguistic and political economy. The title Constellations condenses both spatial and conceptual meanings: it refers to the expanded physical display of the works through the art fair hall and to this specific condition of contemporary consciousness.

Constellations intends to present to the viewer a series of singular artistic proposals coexisting in a wider context. These projects act like magnetic fields that have their own atmospheres and irradiate their own meaning. Affirming their autonomy and their specific topographies they confront the uniforming trends of globalisation. They belong to the languages of their time but they go beyond them thanks to their capacity of innovation.

Artissima 11 key features: 160 selected galleries 21 countries more than 50% of foreign exhibitors 1400 artists more than 5.000 artworks exhibited 18.000 sq. mt. exhibiting area 300 top collectors, museum directors and curators invited 560 accredited journalists 30.000 visitors in only 3 days: a definitely increasing trend in comparison with 2003 edition that got the same number of visitors during 4 days.


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Artissima 11 - The International Fair of Contemporary Art in Turin
Ort: Lingotto Fiere / Lingotto Trade Fair Centre

Artissima 11 Kulturprogramm, u.a. Sektionen "Constellations", "Present Future"
Koordinatorin: Rosa Martinez

Miroslaw Balka / Galerie Nordenhake - Berlin
Pedro Cabrita Reis / Giorgio Persano, Turin
Enzo Cucchi / Paolo Curti Gallery, Mailand
Gino de Dominicis / Pio Monti, Rom
Jimmie Durham / Francosoffiantino, Turin
Chris Gilmour / Perugi, Padua
Anselm Kiefer / Galleria Lia Rumma - Neapel, Mailand
Luisa Lambri / Studio Guenzani, Mailand
Richard Long / Tucci Russo, Torre Pellice
Vettor Pisani / Cardelli e Fontana, Sarzana
Rob Pruitt / Galleria Franco Noero, Turin
Santiago Sierra / Claudio Poleschi, Lucca
Vedovamazzei / Magazzino d´Arte Moderna, Rom
Lawrence Weiner / Alfonso Artiaco, Neapel
Peter Welz & William Forsythe / Galerie Markus Richter, Berlin

"Present Future"
Erwan Ballan - The Box Associati, Turin
Guy Bar Amotz - Tal Esther, Tel Aviv
Gerard Byrne - Green on Red Gallery, Dublin
Manuele Cerutti - Estro, Padua
James Ireland - f a projects London
Anna Kleberg - Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm
Vincent Kohler - donzévansaanen, Lausanne
Ivan Malerba - 404 arte contemporanea, Neapel
Jeff Ono - Perugi, Padua
Karin Ruggaber - greengrassi, London