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David Smith (1906–65) is unquestionably one of the most innovative and influential American sculptors of the twentieth century.

This exhibition, of almost 100 sculptures lent from collections around the world, comprises the largest selection of his work ever shown in Europe. Smith pioneered welding in sculpture and is best known for his innovative and remarkably diverse large-scale metal pieces constructed from used machine parts, abandoned tools and scrap metal. His work was initially inspired by Surrealism and Constructivism but later works demonstrate a myriad of stylistic influences.

This exhibition offers a fascinating insight into Smith’s outstanding contribution to sculpture. It begins with his earliest sculptural experiments and continues with a presentation of iconic works created later in his career. Highlights include the ground-breaking Agricolas, which were conceived as drawings in space, a group of the Voltri pieces and the figurative symbolic works, the Sentinels and the Tanktotems. It’s a rare opportunity to discover why Smith’s career has had such a lasting impact on the development of twentieth-century sculpture.

Supported by The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, The Henry Moore Foundation and the American Patrons of Tate

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David Smith
A Centennial