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The founders of the museum are pleased to announce that the entire collection of Degas’ sculptures (74 in total) will be brought to Greece and exhibited so that they may be enjoyed by both domestic and international visitors.

"A major event recently occurred in the art world: Seventy-four previously unknown Degas plaster sculptures were uncovered outside of Paris. Because of their historical significance, the heirs of the artist approved the casting of a limited number of bronzes from the plasters. This will be one of the first public exhibitions of those bronzes, and it will include an early version of Degas' most important sculpture, "The Little Dancer, Age Fourteen". In addition, we have the honour of being the first to present some of the recently discovered Degas plasters which have never been exhibited before."

Degas' numerous ballerina figures and horses will form a central focus of the exhibition. No other artist has succeeded in portraying the world of ballet with greater insight. His sculptures of young dancers brilliantly capture both fleeting moments of movement and intense images of repose while his horses portray the tranquil and yet energetic motions of this majestic animal.

The exhibition will tour internationally with Athens being the first stop of this specific European tour.

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