press release

Rue des Gravilliers
15.10.2022 - 19.11.2022

Exposition N°120 (maybe)

A group show celebrating the 15th anniversary of Balice Hertling,
including works by all gallery artists, as well as artworks by other friends or artists that inspire us.

Participating artists: Miguel Adrover, Alex Ayed, Frances Barth, Julie Beaufils, Will Benedict, Jonathan Binet, Camille Blatrix, Daniel Blumberg, Wassef Boutros-Ghali, Andrew Chapman, Xinyi Cheng, Dennis Cooper, Isabelle Cornaro, Morgan Courtois, Enzo Cucchi, Max Ernst, Simone Fattal, Owen Fu, Victoria Gitman, Rafik Greiss, Ren Hongyan, Kayode Ojo, Lydia Ourahmane, Mercedes Llanos, Alessandra Mancini, Robert Mapplethorpe, Terence Mongo, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Puppies Puppies (Jade Guanaro Kuriki-Olivo), Behjat Sadr, Mostafa Sarabi, Erwan Sene, Ser Serpas, Reena Spaulings, Pol Taburet, Shabahang Tayyari, Stephen Willats, Zhi Wei