press release

Curator: Thomas D. Trummer
Opening: Sunday, June 14, 2015, 11 am

The 14th of June 2015 will see the opening of KölnSkulptur #8, showing the eighth exhibition of outdoor sculptures at Skulpturenpark Köln. This new exhibition was curated by Thomas D. Trummer. With it, Stiftung Skulpturenpark Köln is continuing the KölnSkulptur exhibition series initiated by the park's founders Michael and Eleonore Stoffel. The previous biennial exhibitions showed the works of established as well as upcoming artists, bringing together works by German and international artists.

        “Sculptures are statements of dissent, not ornamental islands.”  
                                                                               (Thomas D. Trummer)

Encircled by busy thoroughfares, Skulpturenpark Köln is an area somewhere between quiet enclave and urban periphery, park and no man's land. It is this space-defining tension which Thomas D. Trummer is drawing on for KölnSkulptur #8. It served as guiding principle in the process of selecting the artists and defines the subject of his exhibition. The seven new works are meeting bodies, blocks and view-obstructing objects. Their immovable presence is meant to inspire thought about current developments in the German and European political landscape. Alongside these, Thomas D. Trummer allows the bigger part of present works to remain in the park, creating new emphases and shifts of focus.

Five of the seven new works were commissions. They all share the ideas of framing and the opposite, exclusion. The US conceptual artist Tom Burr is showing frames positioned onto the lawn, forming a cluster, creating a forest of darkened mirrors. Lois Weinberger, native of Tyrol, draws an aisle through the park, at the same time tear and cut, serving as road of invasion for immigrant plants. The artist duo Slavs and Tatars is dealing with the migration of language by having giant prayer beads protrude from the ground. Amalia Ulman from Buenos Aires is showing a wire grid. The object is done in a similar manner as Latin American immigrants do name tags or small jewellery. It depicts a wheelchair. Edith Dekyndt from Belgium works with ephemeral phenomena like wind, weather or tidal movements. She covered the steel of the entrance doors with copper. Climatic influences will eventually give the copper a green patina and in this way integrate it with its natural surroundings. Santiago Sierra, resident of Mexico City, displays a gigantic black concrete cube whose sides carry metal figures, showing the time spent on its production. It is a monument of work and exploitation, a flawless Kaaba telling a story of deprivation. Matt Mullican, US artist and currently living in Berlin, makes his encyclopedic world system visible on two benches.

Artists participating:
Tom Burr (born 1963 in New Haven, lives in New York and Connecticut)
Edith Dekyndt (born 1960 in Ypres, lives in Tournai, Belgium)
Matt Mullican (born 1951 in Santa Monica, lives in New York and Berlin)
Santiago Sierra (born 1966 in Madrid, lives in Mexico City)
Slavs and Tatars (Polish / US-American artist duo founded in 2006, live in Paris and Berlin)
Amalia Ulman (born 1989 in Buenos Aires, lives in Los Angeles and Gijón, Spain)
Lois Weinberger (born 1947 in Stams, Tyrol, lives in Gars am Kamp and Vienna)

Curator Thomas D. Trummer
Former head of Kunsthalle Mainz, he is to take on the direction of Kunsthaus Bregenz (KUB) from May 2015. In 2011, Thomas D. Trummer was responsible as co-curator with Kasper König for the major exhibition ''Vor dem Gesetz'' (''Before the Law'') at Museum Ludwig, Cologne.

Following the opening, a catalogue will be published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne, with contributions by Sabeth Buchmann, Thomas D. Trummer, and Wolfgang Ullrich, as well as interviews with the artists participating and documentation of all new works.