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Opening at Tate Modern on 22 November 2013, this collaborative exhibition between Tate and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade showcases the work of Tina Gverović and Siniša Ilić for their first UK museum show.

Invited as part of the project to participate in a two-week residency at Tate Modern, Gverović and Ilić work collaboratively during this time to create a new site-specific installation that responds to the building, its collection and its public, focusing on the role of the museum in a wider global context. Taking the residency as a creative process for artists and curators as its starting point, the exhibition considers key questions of museum function, social interaction and the potential of collaborative conversation.

This exhibition is curated by Hannah Dewar, Tate Modern and Una Popović, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade.

Tina Gverović (born 1975 Zagreb, Croatia). Based between Dubrovnik and London, Gverović works with installation, drawing, painting, sound and video. Her work – which often takes the form of immersive and disorientating installations – engages with questions related to understandings of space, territory and identity and the way in which they are bound to invention and imagination.

Siniša Ilić (born 1977 Belgrade, Serbia where he lives and works). Working with drawing, painting and installation, Ilić’s practice addresses social phenomena and mechanisms, exploring forms of labour, tension and societal violence. He is a co-founder and member of TkH (Walking Theory) – an independent art and theory platform based in Belgrade – and has collaborated with artists, authors, performers and theoreticians on a range of projects.

Gverović and Ilić began working together in 2006 whilst taking part in a residency programme at ISCP, New York as winners of the Radoslav Putar Award (Croatia) and the Dimitrije Bašićević Mangelos Award (Serbia).

This exhibition is the result of a collaboration between Tate Modern, London and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade.

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Project Space: Inverted House

Tina Gverovic, Sinisa Ilic

Hannah Dewar