press release

An exhibition of artists' drawings collected and curated by Bill Woodrow with hands-on interpretation for blind and partially sighted visitors. Included are works by Michael Craig-Martin, Richard Deacon, Antony Gormley, Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor, Richard Long, Alison Wilding, Bill Woodrow and other contemporary artists. Commentary available in Braille, large-print, audio cassette and CD. The audio recordings and players are available from the Information Desk.

These images are available to print out as flat black and white prints. To produce them as raised images you will need to have access to Zytex swell papers and a Zychem heat fusing machine. Some blind clubs and associations have this equipment and may be able to do this for you.

Raised Awareness
Kurator: Bill Woodrow

Künstler: Roger Ackling, Michael Craig-Martin, Grenville Davey, Richard Deacon, Terry Frost, Antony Gormley, Susanna Heron, Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor, Richard Long, Ian McKeever, Lisa Milroy, Therese Oulton, Vicken Parsons, Marc Quinn, Charlotte Verity, Richard Wentworth, Alison Wilding, Richard Wilson, Bill Woodrow, Silvia Ziranek