press release

In response to the renewed interest in artist prints, editions, books and other multiples, Girls’ Club presents Self-Proliferation, an exhibition of works by more than thirty artists from the collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz.

Selected by New York-based independent curator Micaela Giovannotti, works in the exhibition express the natural female propensity for replication and fecundity. The majority of works are created as multiples - artist books, prints, photographs, videos. They manifest the fungible nature of contemporary art production and collection today, and exhibit an easy familiarity with technology. The supremacy of the original masterwork is sidestepped in favor of a more accessible and, at the same time, more radical awareness of the artwork within the marketplace.

An international, cross-generational selection of artists reflect upon the nuances of the female “self” as constructed or inspired by cinema and pop culture, printed media and fashion, feminist notions, racial politics, cultural traditions and personal concerns. Landscape exists as a self-referent, a zone for projections of feminine identity. The multi-tasking and innate reproductive nature of female existence provides the creative engine for the works on view. Duality, doubling, mirroring, splintering the one into the many - these themes define the status of female lives today.