press release

Opening: Wednesday, Sept. 19, 6-8 pm

Stalking with Stories explores the idea proposed by Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben of the un-rememberable or a longing for something that never really existed. The show will expand on the idea of "time-flaneur" through micro-narratives to formulate an unstable and fragmented cartography of spatial and time collisions. It also investigates how cultural mythologies are inscribed into personal time-space-memory equations.

Participating artists: Zbynek Baladran, Czech Republic; Alejandro Cesarco, Uruguay; Felix Gmelin, Germany; Sanja Ivekovic, Croatia; David Maljkovic, Croatia; Ahmet Ogut, Turkey; Anri Sala, Albania; Katerina Seda, Czech Republic.

Curated by Antonia Majaca and Ivana Bago, Croatia

Stalking with Stories:
The Pioneers of the Un-Rememberable
Kuratoren: Antonia Majaca, Ivana Bago

mit Zbynek Baladran, Alejandro Cesarco, Felix Gmelin, Sanja Ivekovic, David Maljkovic, Ahmet Ogut, Anri Sala, Katerina Seda