press release

MMCA Gwacheon

This is the second stage of a two-part cultural exchange of art and ideas, a collaboration between the MCA in Sydney and the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul (NMOCA). The project highlights the historical and ongoing connections between Australian and Korean art and showcases works from the collections of both museums. Jointly curated by MCA Curator Glenn Barkley and NMOCA Curator Inhye Kim, the first stage of the exhibition was presented at the National Art School Gallery, Sydney (17 June–24 August 2011).

Inspired by Nam June Paik 1976 visit to Sydney and the 1976 Biennale of Sydney, which included a group of important Korean artists, Tell Me Tell Me explores conceptual, fluxus and technological art created in both Korea and Australia over the last three decades to the present day.

The exhibition also looks at the idea of artists using recent art histories to influence new work and sculpture, installation and object-based art forms now under the weight of conceptualism.

Korean artists include: Bahc Yiso, Chang-Sup Chung, Chung Seoyoung, Jung Marie, Chosil Kil, Kim Beom, Kim Eull, Hong Joo Kim, Kang-So Lee, Seung-Teak Lee, U-Fan Lee, Choong-Sup Lim, Nam June Paik, Byoung-Choon Park, Moon-Seup Shim, Park Chan-Kyong, Hyun-Ki Park, Jooyeon Park, Insik Quac, Haegue Yang, Yeesookyung, and Dongchun Yoon.

Australian artists include: Brook Andrew, Brown Council, John Davis, Bonita Ely, Gaiyabidja Lalara, Rosalie Gascoigne, Marr Grounds, Don Gundinga, Newell Harry, Lou Hubbard Bob Jenyns, Tim Johnson, Stephen Jones, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Robert Macpherson, TV Moore, Nyapanyapa Yunupingu, Terry Reid, Stuart Ringholt, Noel Sheridan, Charlie Sofo, Stelarc, Christian Bumbarra Thompson, Ken Unsworth, Louise Weaver, and Yirawala.

Curated by: Inhye Kim, Glenn Barkley

Tell Me Tell Me: Australian and Korean Art 1976–2011 is a partnership between the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney