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We perceive contemporary history as a succession of events whose frantic rhythm is heightened by the media, the result being that there is no real sorting of anecdote from event.

The presentation of historic realities in the form of narrative and image is always articulated and determined by the dominant media of the day: painting and drawing, engraving, photography, cinema, television and, now, the Internet. Between the fact and its construction as event lies a complex process in which the intentions of the historical protagonists, the mediating technologies, the political context and the expectations of the public converge to bestow meaning on the historical moment.

This exhibition offers a selection of representations of important historical moments, articulated by a number of major “themes” such as battle (the Crimean War), terrorist attacks (9/11), social revolutions (paid holidays), the toppling of symbols (the fall of the Berlin Wall) and human exploits (flight). It shows just how similar the treatment of events in the 19th century was to that of our own day, but also the ways in which different processes shape events in our consciousness.


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The Event / L'Événement
Historic moments and their representation
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mit Arbeiten von Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Delaunay, Roger Fenton, Leon Gimpel, Fernand Léger, Thomas Ruff ...