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Introducing various art scenes from the early 20th century to the present, this exhibition will offer a round opportunity for appreciation of contemporary art to a broad audience, both those who are interested in contemporary art and those who are not very familiar with it. Works by some fifty artists, from respected Bauhaus artists to spirited young artists, will be introduced from the DaimlerChrysler Art Collection. Bringing together works of art covering a variety of expressions, the exhibition spaces display impressive installations. The workbooks, made especially for this exhibition and available for loan, and the Gallery Cruises designed for different types of audiences will serve as an impetus for appreciating works of art. This experience will guide viewers to encounter the attractions and possibilities of works of art, and the connections between art and society.

Artistic expressions have been growing increasingly diverse during the recent years. Many artists of our time who express themselves without being constrained by conventions, wish viewers to experience their works freely. But you might often feel lost in the presence of a work of art, or have a preconceived notion that one cannot appreciate art without expertise.

We believe that encouraging free approaches toward art is the important first step for viewers in beginning dialogues of their own with works of art. Contemporary art tends to be considered especially difficult to understand. Yet, with keywords drawn from daily life, we can start the dialogues that will eventually guide us to discover linkages between our lives and a work of art, the background in which it was created and the messages it conveys. Moreover, given an opportunity to exchange ideas with others, we can develop the basics of mutual relationships, that is, to understand and respect each other’s perspectives in a society with increasingly diverse values.

Visitors will think about simple questions in the workbook as they observe the works exhibited. This exhibition allows viewers to encounter diverse works that range from Bauhaus to contemporary art, and encourage them to have dialogues based on various keywords. We believe that it will provide an opportunity for the viewers to intensify their understanding of the relationship between art and self, and between self and others.


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Conversation with Art, on Art
Bauhaus to Contemporary Art
The DaimlerChrysler Art Collection

mit Doug Aitken, Josef Albers, Jane Alexander, Ian Anüll, John Armleder, Richard Artschwager, Willi Baumeister, Max Bill, Daniele Buetti, Daniel Buren, Hartmut Böhm, Andre Cadere, Enrico Castellani, Dadamaino , Hanne Darboven, Tacita Dean, Cor Dera, Gia Edzgveradze, Ulrich Erben, Ulrike Flaig, Sylvie Fleury, Andrea Fraser, Günter Fruhtrunk, Rupprecht Geiger, Kuno Gonschior, Camille Graeser, HAP Grieshaber, Thea Gvetadze, Kay Hassan, Sandra Hastenteufel, Isabell Heimerdinger, Jan Henderikse, Esther Hiepler, David Hockney, Oskar Holweck, Gottfried Honegger, Markus Huemer, Takehito Koganezawa, David Koloane, Joseph Kosuth, Patricia London Ante Paris, Robert Longo, Vera Lossau, Gerold Miller, François Morellet, Kirsten Mosher, Olivier Mosset, Zwelethu Mthethwa, John Nixon, Herbert Oehm, Giulio Paolini, Philippe Parreno, Henk Peeters, Charlotte Posenenske, Lothar Quinte, Martial Raysse, Eva-Maria Reiner, Robert Ryman, Karin Sander, Pietro Sanguineti, Oskar Schlemmer, Claudette Schreuders, Berni Searle, Roman Signer, Jesús Rafael Soto, Klaus Staudt, Katja Strunz, Beate Terfloth, Jean Tinguely, Jef Verheyen, Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart, Auke de Vries, Franz Erhard Walther, Andy Warhol, Simone Westerwinter, Ben Willikens, Georg Winter, Andrea Zittel ...