press release

Conversation is a recurring theme at Kettle’s Yard, and this exhibition brings together some thirty living and long gone artists, a piece of furniture, a musical score, and some 19th century Indian spells in pairs that highlight the different ways in which artworks and objects speak to one another.

In each of the fifteen pairs on show, one artist was asked to select another artist’s work or an object to strike up a conversation with. Rachel Whiteread chose Robert Burns’ breakfast table; James Hugonin chose the work of composer Howard Skempton.

These pairings offer fresh insight into the practices of a diverse assembly of artists, and different ways of thinking about their work. They were first shown as a series of exhibitions at the Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh.

Roger Ackling • Richard Long Cornelia Parker • Marcel Broodthaers Rachel Whiteread • Robert Burns’ breakfast table Ceal Floyer • Dan Flavin Sean Scully • Alberto Giacometti Alexander Gorlizki • Indian Spells (anon, C19th) Ian Hamilton Finlay • Cerith Wyn Evans Howard Hodgkin • Edgar Degas James Hugonin • Howard Skempton Peter Liversidge • Fischli + Weiss David Austen • Man Ray Jonathan Monk • Keith Arnatt Richard Serra • Francesca Woodman David Batchelor • Nikolai Suetin Callum Innes • Hiroshi Sugimoto


Roger Ackling, Richard Long, Cornelia Parker, Marcel Broodthaers, Rachel Whiteread, Robert Burns breakfast table , Ceal Floyer, Dan Flavin, Sean Scully, Alberto Giacometti, Alexander Gorlizki, Indian Spells  (anon, C19th), Ian Hamilton Finlay, Cerith Wyn Evans, Howard Hodgkin, Edgar Degas, James Hugonin, Howard Skempton, Peter Liversidge, Fischli / Weiss, David Austen, Man Ray, Jonathan Monk, Keith Arnatt, Richard Serra, Francesca Woodman, David Batchelor, Nicolai Suetin, Callum Innes, Hiroshi Sugimoto