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On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, the Museum of the Contemporary Arts of the Grand-Hornu - MAC’s (Belgium) is offering an exceptional exhibition planned from the collections of the Lille Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, Villeneuve d’Ascq (MAM - France). It will occupy all the exhibition rooms of the Grand-Hornu, i.e. nearly 4,500 m².

The event entitled Ghosts and Angels brings together nearly 200 pieces from the three collections of the MAM that concern modern art (Masurel donation), raw art (L’Aracine donation) and contemporary art. The MAM, currently closed for expansion and modernisation works, provides for numerous exhibitions outside its walls in this way.

This exhibition is a new step in the Interreg partnership that has connected the two institutions for several years. In particular, in March 2005, the MAM hosted the collection of the MAC’s within the framework of the exhibition Voisins Officiels (Official neighbours).

Commissioning of the event is being provided by Laurent Busine, Director of the MAC’s, known for his exhibitions La beauté insensée (Insane beauty) (1995) and Un détail infiniment petit (An infinitely small detail) in Charleroi. The latter made a choice from the major collections of works of the Museum of Modern Art - one of the most important in France - and offers a sequential approach with a staging punctuated by light and shadow that extensively revises the architecture of the MAC’s rooms.

It is legitimate, therefore, for the MAC’s to present for the first time works of modern art, of raw art and of contemporary art, interacting according to chance and the links of choices supported by its commissioner. In this way the following will find themselves brought together: Art & Language, John Baldessari, Georges Braque, Aloïse Corbaz, Fernand Léger, Allan Mc Collum, Joan Miró, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Nicolas de Staël, Kees Van Dongen, Adolf Wölfli, and so on.

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Ghosts and Angels

mit Art & Language , John Baldessari, Georges Braque, Aloïse , Fernand Léger, Allan McCollum, Joan Miró, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Nicolas de Staël, Kees van Dongen, Adolf Wölfli ...