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It is an exhibition on contemporary strategies in touristic practices, on globalism with a focus on contemporary nomadism, on the colonialisation of the world through tourism, on carrying homes around the world. The Title of the show is "moving home(s)”. We are proud to present works from the following artists, almost all artists have done new works for the show :

Atelier van Lieshout (Joep van Lieshout * 1963 Ravenstein/Netherlands, lives and works in Rotterdam) is the Dutch conceptual Group founded in 1995 by Joep v. L. . AVL works since many years in the field of art, design, furniture and architecture. They got worldwide known for their installations about our contemporary nomadistic way of live. They make paintings, maquettes, sculptures and installations in- and out-door.

Balthasar Burkhard (* 1944 Bern/Switzerland, lives and works in Bern) is the famous Swiss photographer who has been doing silverprints since the early sixties. He is not only an artist , he is one of the very few photo technicians worldwide who is able to print phantastic silver prints in huge formats. His photos are minimal, always black and white usually framed in iron frames. B.B. is interested in the human body, in animals or in panoramas from the bird perspective. He has made Panoramas from deserts, from rain forests and from megacities like Mexico, Chicago, Los Angeles, Shanghai ...He came to Beirut on our invitation and made works about the city .

Jimmie Durham (* 1940 Arkansas/USA, lives and works now in Berlin ) is a nomad , he was born indian american and has never setteled anywhere . He never lived for longer than a few years on the same spot . His sculptures , installations , happenings are always surprises . You never know what to expect. His main interest is on human identity , on the world trotter, without loosing his indian roots...his works have always an important part of poesie and of humor.

Diller+Scofidio (Liz Diller 1954 Lodz/Poland, Ricardo Scofidio 1935 New York, live and work in New York) The main interest of these architects based in New York is on architectural theory and on conceptual installations , they have been awarded many prices and were invited to important exhibitions in Museums and Biennales . They are important for our show because of their focus and projects on” tourism and war” , on the contemporary human being as a functioning robot and on the standardisation of worldwide culture . They have made several installations on these topics.

Dan Graham (* 1942 Urbana, Illinois/USA, lives and works in New York) is one of the major minimal american artists . His photos “homes for America” are important testimonies of the idea of “home” : these haus-units could be anywhere... His Mirror-Glas Pavillons are fragile homes in a human scale , they are often with curved lines, they are minimal sculptures reminding of contemporary surveillance systems : you can look out of them but not into them.

Bernard Khoury (* 1968 Beirut/Lebanon, lives and works in Beirut ) Is certainly one of the major young architect from the arab world . He is worldwide a shooting star: he just got a very important review on the New York times . He got known with architectural projects , with an important conceptual dimmension : they are pleasure places and war memorials in one , they are built in Beirut : as for exemple his night club B018 and restaurant central . We are proud to make Bernard Khoury´s first presentation in an art gallery. He will be showing a multimedia sculpture and inkjet computer drawings.

Stephan Moersch (* 1974 Aachen/Germany, lives and works in Hamburg) Is one of our young artists who just started a beautifull carrier. S.M makes maquettes of houses with surveillance cameras and monitors, he also makes black and white drawings as storyboards telling a police story... . His homes and bunkers are contemporary ruins without inhabitants reminding us of our fading, transitory passage as inhabitants of these homes...

Peter Piller (* 1968 Fritzlar/Germany, lives and works in Leipzig/Germany) Has collected an archive with thousands of professional, press and police photos . In his serie” von Erde schöner” he uses areal photos from a commercial photo studio which has photographed 20.000 very normal houses planing to sell them to their inhabitants. P.P. accomplishes a serie of inkjets portraying very normal middleclass houses in Germany of the 2nd half of the XX. Century.

Ursula Schulz-Dornburg (* 1938 Berlin, lives and works in Düsseldorf/Germany) Is a photografer :she is a world traveler who catches the beauty of the transitory. One of her main concerns is the archaic need of the human being for housing . We present in Beirut her bus stops through armenia and her “ water houses “ in Irak : Ephemary houses which has been destroyed since...

Rayyane Tabet (* 1983 Achkout/Lebanon, lives and works in New York) Is the youngest artist of the show and this is his very 1st presentation in a contemporary art gallery. R.T. is a Lebanese artist and architect studying at Cooper Union University in New York . He started very young to make installations with a high sensibility and strong concept. His main inspiration is his own biography and childhood in a city : Beirut tormented by war , fear and death ... He sublimates everyday objects like : mattresses , soap or suitcases to surreal , symbolic codices...


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mit Atelier van Lieshout, Balthasar Burkhard, Diller & Scofidio, Jimmie Durham, Dan Graham, Bernard Khoury, Stephan Mörsch, Peter Piller, Ursula Schulz-Dornburg, Rayyane Tabet